South Dakota Sportsmen Against Hunger

The mission of South Dakota Sportsmen Against Hunger is to encourage and facilitate donation of wild game meat to needy people in South Dakota.


NOTE: Hunters should contact a processor ahead of time to find out location and business hours. Deadline for delivering donated geese to a processor is September 22.

August Management Take Requirements

*Federal regulations DO NOT require evidence of species to be attached at ANY TIME while being possossed or transported from the place where harvested and may be reduced to edible parts (minimally the breast meat, can include legs) in the field or elsewhere and donated to a processor as edible parts.

*Reduction of Canada Geese to edible parts applies to South Dakota residents and nonresidents alike.

Early Fall Canada Good Season Requirements

*Federal regulations require a minimum of a head or one fully feathered wing remain attached to each bird at all times while being transported from the place where harvested until they have arrived at the permanant home (not transient place of lodging like a hotel) of the hunter or a processing facility.

*However, if harvested Canada Geese cannot be donated the day they are harvested, they can be taken to the hunter's permanant home for cleaning and the edible parts (minimally the breast meat, can include legs) then delivered by the hunter to a processor for donation at a later time without evidence of species being attached to the edible meat.

*Nonresidents of South Dakota MAY NOT reduce a Canada Goose during the Early Fall Canada Goose Season to edible parts unless those parts retain a fully feathered and attached wing or head.

Location Company PhoneFee*Hours
Bath Economy Meat Market 225-9680FreeM-F 8A-5:30P Sat 8A-12P
Clark Dakota Butcher (Can take only breast meat) 532-6328FreeM-Sat 8A-10P Sun 10A-4P
Milbank Waldner Specialty Meats 432-6100 or 467-0744FreeM-F 8A-530P Sat 8A-12P Sun 10A-3P
PiedmontCutting Edge Meat Market 787-9547FreeTue-Sat 9A-6P
Renner Renner Corner 332-0214FreeM-Sat 7A-8P Sun 8A-8P
Tea Lee's Meat & Sausage 368-2161FreeM-F 8:30A-5P Sat 9A-12P
Watertown Dakota Butcher (Can take only breast meat) 878-3336FreeM-S 8A-10P Sun 10A-4P

*August Management Take is only in Pennington County west of the Cheyenne River.

**No processing fee for hunters who fill out a Goose Processing Certificate for donated geese. Each hunter must complete a Processing Certificate for each day's hunt.