South Dakota Sportsmen Against Hunger

The mission of South Dakota Sportsmen Against Hunger is to encourage and facilitate donation of wild game meat to needy people in South Dakota.

Deer and Antelope Processing Fees For 2022


  • Donated deer and elk DO NOT need to be tested for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) before being processed.
  • The processing fee shown for antlerless deer and doe/fawn antelope is the cost to the hunter in addition to a processing certificate completed by the hunter and given to the processor.
  • The processing fee shown for buck deer and buck antelope is the total cost of processing which has to be paid by the hunter. The processing fee for any donated elk would also need to be paid by the hunter.
  • The processing fee for donated boneless meat or trim would need to be paid by the hunter.
  • Please call a processor prior to delivery of game to be certain of location, business hours, and fees.
  • Also see Processor Map for locations and processor information.

Location Company Phone
  Area Code 605  
AlexandriaAlexandria Locker239-4767****
BurkeGregory County Locker775-207001000100
ChamberlainDeHaai’s Game Processing234-4237075065
ChamberlainChamberlain Locker234-5811090090
Chester605 Meats489-632801000100
ClarkDakota Butcher532-6328****
GlenhamGosch Meat Market850-9588075065
Ft. PierreMaier Meats222-88042510035100
HuronHuron Custom Meats352-4345090065
MadisonDakota Butcher556-0169****
MilbankOl' Mill Meats432-5433075065
MilbankWaldner Speciality Meats432-6100085075
MillerCentral Processing853-009401200120
PhilipPhilip Custom Meats859-253201000100
PiedmontPiedmont Cutting Edge Meats787-9547075065
PierreDakota Butcher494-2222****
PierreSteamboat Game & Fish224-657280195NANA
Rapid CityC & R Processing381-0629075065
Rapid CityDakota Butcher791-1520****
RennerRenner Corner Meats332-021401006575
SpearfishBlack Hills Butcher Block642-2230***45**120**55**120**
TeaLee's Meats & Sausages368-21614019545130
WatertownDakota Butcher878-3336****
WaubayJorgenson Meat Processing947-4460075065
YanktonKleinschmit Locker665-3407010010100

* Accepts boneless meat/trim only. Hunter pays processing fee.
** Plus $20 if hide off
*** Call for drop-off anytime.